The New Custom Shirt: MTailor

Courtesy of MTailor

Shopping for the perfect custom-fitted shirt has never been easier thanks to MTailor, a mobile app that takes your measurements in less than 30 seconds. 

Your personal tailor, with his pins, measuring tape, and a box to stand on, may be out of fashion: With MTailor, men take their own measurements with an iPad or smart phone—with 20 percent better accuracy than a professional tailor, the company claims—and turn them into beautifully fitted custom shirts. Founded by a pair of recent Stanford grads, Miles Penn and Rafi Witten, MTailor uses a device’s built-in camera and proprietary imaging technology to generate a 3D human model, measuring everything from a man’s neck size to sleeve length. A virtual fitting takes less than 30 seconds at home, saving a trip to the tailor and the expense of custom shirts that can cost $150 or more. Choose a fabric (options include stripes, checks, and classic white), collar, and cuff, and shirts soon arrive in the mail for as little as $69. In our test run, MTailor shirts delivered seamless fit and details—a monogram, or even a single roomier cuff to accommodate a wristwatch—that you’ll never get off-the-rack.

Starting from $69;