Lizzie Fortunato Launches a New Online Homewares Store

Jason Ross Savage, all photos

At the online boutique Fortune Finds, you can shop rare and one-of-a-kind homewares from the women behind Lizzie Fortunato, the eponymous accessories line.

Global style—that elusive mix of far-flung fineries suggesting a well-heeled, well-traveled life—is more often a marketing ploy than a retail reality. But Fortune Finds, a new e-tail venture from twin sisters Kathryn and Lizzie of the arty accessories line Lizzie Fortunato, makes such elements of international élan attainable with the mere click of a mouse.

The website’s rare and one-of-a-kind homewares and curiosities are a natural fit with the Fortunatos’ gypset chic jewelry and leather goods, which often combine vintage textiles and materials sourced during the pair’s extensive travels around the globe (as in a current favorite necklace) of Asian porcelain beads and Madagascan rose quartz. Lizzie’s penchant for stocking up on souvenirs while abroad eventually led to Fortune Finds. “I’ve always loved hunting for things,” she explains. “After amassing so many wonderful, little treasures for my apartment, which is stuffed to the brim, I began thinking, Why not share these collectibles with our customer base?”

On offer are such treasures as wool pillows from Peru, handmade ceramics from Japan and original art from Brooklyn. Though the range and the origins of the shop’s stock may seem disparate, all of the items have a personal meaning to the sisters. For example, “our spring collection is heavily inspired by a recent trip to Mexico,” Kathryn says. “Some of our favorite Fortune Finds are pieces from that trip—Otomi pillows and bedspreads from Oaxaca, baskets from a market in Mexico City.”

Such intimate curating and personal vetting of artists and craftsmen have led to a shop filled with conversation starters. Like the best homes, where everything comes together to paint a vivid picture of the owner’s life, Fortune Finds is rich with objects that tell a story. Whether it’s actually your own story or the Fortunatos’, we won’t tell if you won’t.