The Best Ways to Give Wellness This Holiday Season

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‘Tis the season for a little TLC.

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One of the best ways to show a loved one how much you care, in our book, comes in the form of wellness—a concept that encapsulates mental and physical health, at its very core. Self-care is often something we tend to shove to the bottom of our to-do list, when it actually deserves prime real estate at the top. This year, remind a close friend, family member, or significant other how much you care for them this holiday season with a gift that says: “sit back, relax, and just breathe.”

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Below, we’ve highlighted ideas for gifts that get to the heart of giving wellness. From plush sleepwear to soft slippers, a meditation app subscription to literature about spiritual practice—and a few more  surprises—we’ve got you covered for that person on your gift list who just needs to kick back and indulge in something special.

Our editor-curated guide to the best wellness gifts, below.

Riley Home Linen Bundle

Courtesy Riley

A huge element of mental and physical wellness comes in the form of a good night’s sleep. Snuggling into luxury linen sheets (a fabric often reserved for summer) is actually a treat anytime of year. Just as breathable as they are soft and cozy, this seven-piece bundle from Riley Home includes a duvet cover, two pillow shams, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases—all handcrafted in Portugal from euroflax Belgian linen.

To buy: $543, 

Headspace Subscription

Courtesy Headspace

Many people consider meditation an intimidating practice. However, Headspace is on a mission to redefine how we approach taking time to allow our mind to have a quiet moment to itself. The easy-to-use program allows users to take anywhere from three minutes to a full hour to unwind, find focus, and work toward happiness.

To buy: $70/year,

Juniper Ridge Incense 

Courtesy Juniper Ridge

It’s safe to say that most wellness junkies simply cannot resist the temptation of a well-crafted incense. Inspired by mountains, coasts, and deserts, this six-pack from Juniper Ridge features a dynamic range of nature-inspired fragrances like California juniper, white sage, and Douglas fir. 

To buy: $60, 

Himalayan Salt Oiler Warmer

Courtesy Anthropology

If you’re in search of a unique aromatherapy gift, this oiler warming lamp is the ticket. Made from real Himalayan salt, this small lamp casts a warm glow while heating up the user’s favorite blend of essential oils. It doesn’t get much more zen than this.

To buy: $34,

Garnet Hill Sheepskin Rug, Cashmere Slides, and Organic Cotton PJs

Courtesy Garnet Hill

This trio packs a serious punch in the comfort department. If there’s someone on your holiday list who delights in being warm and cozy, surprise them with a trio of comfort, featuring Garnet Hill’s impossibly soft sheepskin rug, slip-on cashmere slides, and Asian-inspired organic cotton pajamas. 

To buy: $139, (rug); $129, (slides); $79, (pajamas)

Teema Manolia Blanket

Courtesy Teema

It’s no secret that most wellness lovers delight in a cozy blanket. This beautiful, simple piece from Teema features a chic zigzag pattern. It’s both large and extra soft—the ideal blanket for an afternoon snooze.

To buy: $88,

A Plant from the Sill

Courtesy The Sill

Being in the presence of lush green plants always seems to have a calming effect—especially if you’re a city-dweller. The Sill ships house plants all over the country, pre-potted and ready to liven up any interior space. Pick one that suits your recipient-in-mind, and they will get a beautiful, healthy plant delivered to their door in a pretty pot, complete with care instructions.

To buy:, prices vary

Zafu Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set 

Courtesy Dharma Crafts

For the meditator in your life, this cushion set is a must-have. It features both the zafu (round cushion) and zabuton (flat mat). The pillow exteriors are made from organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes, and the interiors provide comfortable support that molds to the users shape upon first use.

To buy: $139, 

Felix Gray Bluelight Glasses 

Courtesy Felin Gray

In a time when most of us are glued to a phone or computer for upwards of eight hours a day, these inventive blue light glasses feature lens technology that combats the negative effects (insomnia, for one) of blue light.

To buy:, from $95

Palo Santo Incense

Courtesy Goop

The packaging isn’t the only beautiful thing about these special incense bricks. The natural mortared, hand-made palo santo incense comes from Peru, and is perfect for smudging or just creating a soothing aroma in a space

To buy: $12,

Canyon Ranch Retreat

Courtesy Canyon Ranch Lenox

What better way to give the gift of wellness than via the industry’s epicenter? Anyone in need of some relaxation and mental decompression will thrive during a special retreat at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona—an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property, where programs can be tailor-made to fit guests’ wellness wishes.

To buy: prices vary,

Otherland Kindling Candle

Courtesy Otherland

There is something undeniably relaxing about the smell of an outdoor fire. Otherland’s kindling-scented candle is just as beautiful to look at as it is relaxing to breathe. A light blend of Alaskan cedar and smoky embers, this coconut and soy wax blend candle will be a favorite. 

To buy: $36,

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Courtesy Amazon

Award-winning author Deepak Chopra shares his thoughts on the meaning of—and path toward—a fulfilling and successful life, based in creating a life lived in harmony with natural law.

To buy: $8,

Hatch Restore

Courtesy Hatch

For the recipient on your list who needs some TLC in the sleep department, the Hatch Restore is a new tech tool that helps regulate sleep patterns using sleep sounds and smart light. From wind down light to sunrise wakeup, this tool allows users to personalize their bedtime routine and wake up refreshed.

To buy: $130,

A Trip to Sensai Lanai

Courtesy Four Seasons Resort & Spa

This stunning wellness resort in Hawaii is perhaps the most idyllic place for a wellness lover to look deeper within and unwind. From the resort’s tailored Guide to Growth to the judgment-free promise (there are very few rules), Sensei Lanai will be the trip of a lifetime for a very lucky recipient. 

To buy: prices vary,

Silence: In the Age of Noise

Courtesy Amazon

Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge writes about his solo travels in Antarctica. This is a compelling story about the silence that surrounds us, the silence within, and how both are vital to happiness and fulfillment.

To buy: $16,

Sakara Life

Courtesy Sakara

There are plenty of options when choosing a program design by Sakara Life, a brand that offers clean, plant-based meals delivered right to your home. The Signature Program (Level 1) is a great place to start as a gift for someone who may be interested in a super-clean eating routine. The best part? The meals are delivered ready to eat.

To buy: from $70/day,

Alo Moves Subscription

Marko Geber/Getty Images

Alo Moves provides a wide range of movement, from yoga and meditation to fitness classes and special skill building (like learning how to pull off a handstand). Alo stresses that there is a movement for every mood, time of day, style, and skill level.

To buy: $20/month,

The Mirror 

Courtesy Mirror

“The nearly invisible gym at home,” reads the website for the Mirror, an ultra-sleek and smart at-home fitness program. The actual mirror, which fits seamlessly into any household, offers personalized classes (there are thousands to choose from) with certified trainer guidance and feedback. You can track progress, see workout summaries, personalize playlists, monitor your health, and much, much more.

To buy: $1,495,

The Shift by Komuso Design

Courtesy Komuso Design

This medication-free anxiety tool is perfectly designed to be incredibly useful and discrete for those who experience fight or flight breathing. Using the tool, which is attached to a small necklace, the wearer can breath in through the mouthpiece, exhaling through the narrow tube, a process which naturally slows the breath, triggering the nervous system to relax and find a sense of calm.

To buy: $105,