Gadgets to Make Your Home a Healthy Haven

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A mini-guide to a smart and healthy home.

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While we do admit that technology can sometimes be bad for our health (especially our sight with all the time we spend in front of our phones and laptops), no one can deny that it also has the power to completely transform our lives for the better. For instance, it has totally revolutionized healthcare, both for professionals and ordinary people.

It has never been easier to track our basic health indicators with the help of such gadgets as the Apple Watch, for example. But wearable tech is just one way to stay informed and improve on your physical and mental wellness.

Thanks to technological innovation, there are plenty of smart devices that can turn our homes into wellness sanctuaries. From kitchen appliances that inform us about the nutritional value of every ingredient we put in our meals to air purifiers and even smart toothbrushes, the sky seems to be the limit.

Here, we rounded up the most effective gadgets that you’ll want to add to your house if you want to make it a healthy haven.

Molekule Air Purifier

Courtesy Molekule

You should keep track of air quality not just outside but inside your house, too, especially if you or your loved ones suffer from conditions like allergies or asthma. Air purifiers are nothing new but Molekule is a total game-changer. It uses technology that destroys “pollutants 1,000 times smaller than what traditional HEPA filters can trap,” according to the company. The sleek aluminum device features two filters that capture particles, bacteria, and viruses and breaks them down at a molecular level. It will completely purify the air in a 600-square-foot room once every hour. And it does so quietly and in an energy-efficient way.

To buy: $799,

Vitruvi White Stone Diffuser

Courtesy Goop

Instead of burning candles or incense sticks, which can either smell too strong or too weak, opt for a stylish diffuser like this one from Vetruvi. You can regulate the strength of the smell by either adding more or less essential oils to the water reservoir. It is incredibly easy to fill up and clean. Just add water and a few drops of your favorite calming essential oils, place back the cap and cover and voilà. Another thing we love about it is that it really doesn’t look like a diffuser but rather like a modern piece of home décor. It is made from porcelain and has a matte finish for an artisanal look.

To buy: $119,

Withings Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad

Courtesy Withings

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your overall health and the Withings Sleep Monitor is the first step to achieving that. It measures all the parameters that impact your sleep cycles such as heart rate, breathing disturbances, snoring, sleep duration, and sleep depth. The pad, which you place underneath your mattress can also be connected to your thermostat and other smart devices in your home so you can control them all without having to get up from your bed.

To buy: $100,

Qardio Base 2 Smart Scale

Courtesy Qardio

This smart scale not only helps you track your weight (in pounds, kilograms, or stones) but it also shows you changes in your body composition and calculates your BMI. It automatically recognizes your family members and even has a pregnancy mode for moms-to-be. The scale shares your information with the Qardio App where you can track your progress over time for better weight management. And finally, the sleek circular glass design looks super modern and fits any bathroom interior.

To buy: $150,

LG Styler

Courtesy LG

Not only will the LG Styler make your dry cleaning bill practically disappear, but it will also ensure your children’s stuffed toys, clothes, and other items are properly cleaned and sanitized without the use of harsh chemicals.

The Styler uses high power steam technology and, similar to your washing machine, has several modes and temperatures that you can choose from. It will even clean and refresh items such as rain and winter coats that, after only 20 minutes inside, will feel and smell like you just took them from the dry cleaners. Sequins, leather, velvet, fur, or cashmere—no fabric is too delicate for the LG Styler.

To buy: $1,199,

Phillips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected Electric Toothbrush

Courtesy Bed Bath & Beyond

Update your dental routine with Philips’ smart toothbrush that will send personalized data about your brushing habits to your phone so you can make adjustments if you need to. The secret is in the built-in sensors and the Bluetooth technology that sends the information to the Sonicare app.

The brush itself has three brushing modes (clean, white, and deep clean) and three custom ones (low, medium, and high). It is, of course, wireless and comes with a charger.

To buy: $182,

Philips Premium Airfryer With Fat Removal Technology

Courtesy Williams Sonoma

Have your favorite fried food minus the fat thanks to this customer-favorite Philips air fryer. The updated version of the best-seller comes in a much sleeker and compact design that will not take up a lot of countertop space in your kitchen. The fryer uses extremely heated air to turn any food into perfectly crispy and healthy indulgence.

Another benefit is that you can also use it to grill, roast, and bake other foods like meat and pastries.

To buy: $200,

Nest Learning Thermostat

Courtesy West Elm

The best thing about the Nest is that as seasons change, it adjusts the temperature inside your home not only according to the weather outside but it also adapts it according to your preferences. Another great feature is that you can program it from distance so if you forget to turn it off when you leave for a week-long vacation, you can simply do it anytime from your phone.

So not only will you save money on your heat and AC bills but you will also reduce your energy use and have a more sustainable lifestyle. Another plus? The temperature in your home will always be perfect regardless of how cold or hot it is outside.

To buy: $249,

Withings Smart Temporal Thermometer

Courtesy Withings

This no-contact smart thermometer will be the best purchase you make this year—especially if you have children.

It features 16 sensors that take over 4,000 measurements from the temporal artery on the forehead to give you an instant reading. And because it requires no contact with the body or any bodily fluids, it is the most hygienic way to take someone’s temperature even if he or she is sleeping without having to disinfect it after each use.

Download the free Withings app and the thermometer will send the readings to it—just set up a profile of each member of your family and the thermometer will automatically recognize them when taking their temperature and sync the reading with the appropriate profile in the app.

To buy: $100,

LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle

Courtesy Bloomingdales

Drinking plenty of water is essential to a healthy lifestyle but making sure that the water you drink is as clean as possible is also important.

Enter the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV LED light to purify your water inside of it.

Simply fill the bottle with water, and press the top of the cap to activate the LED light that’s located on the inside of the cap. Then wait 60 seconds and voilà—your water is now purified and free of any harmful or odor-causing germs.

To buy: $95,

The Mirror

Courtesy Mirror

The Mirror will turn any room in your house into a professional workout studio with no other equipment required.  What’s more, it will turn each class into a workout session with a personal trainer for maximum results.

Whether you are in the mood for a yoga class or want something more intense, the Mirror gives you instant access to classes and instructors from across the country. But the best thing about it is that it offers a completely personalized approach to training by real-time in-workout adjustments based on your goals and preferences. You can also sync your heart-monitoring device (such as your iWatch, for example) with it so it displays your heart rate while you work out.

To buy: $1,495,