Every Essential You Need for the Most Luxurious Sleep of Your Life

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Each week, our editors come together to share their favorite products under a new, seasonally inspired theme. This week, for World Sleep Day, we’ve got the products to enrich your sleep routine.

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If you’re getting eight hours of sleep a night (which, for most of us, is a pipe dream), you’re spending a third of your life in bed. And our thought is, if you’re spending a third of your life in bed, you should be sleeping in style. Sleep wellness is top of mind in March—World Sleep Day is March 19 this year—and as a result, we’re focused on how best to enhance our sleep routines. Of course, there’s luxury sleepwear to consider—from silk pajamas from the likes of La Ligne, Cuyana, and La Perla—as well as robes to wear as you wind down or emerge from a luxurious bath. As hotel enthusiasts, we’re partial to a good hotel robe, and some of your favorite five-star hotels sell their sleep essentials, from mattresses to pillows to robes, online.

Sheets can also impact your sleep significantly—sleepers who run hot can benefit from the best cooling bed sheets or might prefer a light Parachute quilt over heavier duvets. To that end, our editors have offered their recommendations for best bed sheets, silk bedding, luxury duvet covers, cashmere blankets, and quilts. Our takeaway is that every piece of fabric and bedding should be curated—you need pillows and a mattress topper with the right firmness (and to choose between down or alternative down for pillows, toppers, and comforters). You need sheets with the right level of insulation or breathability, depending on the season and whether you run hot or cold at night. And, of course, you need luxury sleepwear—whether you’re a cotton nightgown person or a silk pajamas enthusiast—to round out the sleep experience.

We also find that winding down in the evening is one of the biggest hurdles to a great night’s sleep. And that’s why, in addition to making your bed an inviting sanctuary, we’ve curated our favorite relaxation essentials to use before bed, including chamomile-infused bath bombs, guided meditations, and aromatherapy treatments.

So, in honor of World Sleep Day, take a look at our favorite sleep products—and perhaps even select a few to enrich your sleep routine.

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Parachute Cotton Cloud Robe
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Equinox Hotels Pillows, Medium Fill
Janis Nicolay/Courtesy Equinox Hotels

Luxury Bedding, Duvets, Bed Covers, and Mattress Accoutrements

Sakara Life Sleep Tea
Courtesy Sakara

Relaxation Essentials for a Better Night’s Sleep

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La Perla Silk Satin Pajama Set
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