This Coffee Mug Has an App That Regulates Its Temperature

Courtesy Sur La Table

Imagine a world where your coffee is never cold.

If you work in an office, chances are you’ve spotted an Ember mug living on someone’s desk. It’s the kind of thing you’ll purchase for yourself for a special occasion; maybe it’s a birthday, maybe you got promoted; maybe you completely aced a presentation. But a mug that costs more than $100 isn’t something you buy on a whim…until now.

The ceramic Ember mugs are designed to keep your drink hot for about an hour—they come with a charging coaster that makes it possible to keep your drink hot for much longer. Think of it as a little coffee (or tea) robot: It remembers your ideal drinking temperature and works to keep your beverage at that same temperature the next time you use it. And it starts heating up as soon as you pour liquid into it.

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The Ember mug is not a new thing; the company itself has been around in some capacity since 2010. But the fact that you can control your drink’s temperature via app has made it one of our favorite office gadgets. If you don’t set your own temperature, your mug will default to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. With the app, you can choose between the range of 120 degrees and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. You can even choose a personalized LED color for your mug. Let’s set the scene: You get to the cafeteria only to realize you left your coffee out and it’s surely going to be cold when you get back to your desk. Wrong! Fire up the app and set your desired temperature. Problem: Solved.

The Ember mug comes in black and white, as well as a new copper mug that was just released. The new copper option retails for $130 on Sur la Table, while you can get the black and white mugs in a smaller 10-oz size for $80 on the Ember website.