The Best Smart Appliances for Your Home

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Technology reigns over each aspect of our life, and we, for one, are embracing it wholeheartedly especially when it makes tasks like cooking or vacuuming faster and easier.

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Making your home smarter is not just about filling it up with appliances, it’s about managing your home more efficiently, protecting it, saving money on your bills by using energy efficient appliances, and ultimately spending more time with your family and friends instead of doing annoying home chores.

Take cooking, for example. Thanks to appliances such as smart ovens, you can set up a cooking schedule from your smartphone while you’re at work so you have a warm dinner ready when you get home. And with recipes and cooking instructions available with the touch of a button, you don’t have to have chef-worthy cooking skills to prepare a meal that will impress your family and guests.

Improving your home’s security is also important. Keeping your garage door clicker in your car is way too risky. In the event of a break-in the thieves can easily get access to your garage and, from there, your home, too. Instead, opt for a smart garage door opener that is controlled via your smartphone.

Here, we rounded up the best smart appliances that will make your home a much more convenient place to live.

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Courtesy Amazon

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest thermostat lets you control the temperature in your home from anywhere via your smartphone so you never have to come back to a freezing house in the winter again. And even if you forget to adjust the temperature before you leave, the device will program itself based on your past temperature preferences or stay in "eco mode" while you’re away.

To buy: $220,

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Instant Pot WiFi Cooker

Take your meal prep to a whole new (smart) level. Control and monitor the progress of your dishes via the Instant Pot app (compatible with both Android and Apple devices). The best thing about it is that it has over 750 pre-programmed recipes so you can just send the cooking instructions from the app to the pot and enjoy a tasty meal later.

To buy: $150,

Courtesy Best Buy

Ring Video Door Bell Elite

Ring doesn’t just let you literally answer the doorbell from anywhere (thanks to a built-in microphone), it also allows you to monitor your front door in real time. Live stream cameras trigger alerts every time motion has been detected. Ring is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

To buy: $500,

Courtesy Amazon

Asante Garage Door Opener

Bid adieu to the good old “clicker” and opt for a much smarter option. Asante lets you open and close your garage door from your smartphone, but our favorite thing about it is that you can also check if you closed the door before you left thanks to secure video streaming.

To buy: $170,

Courtesy Amazon

Amazon Echo Plus

With so many smart appliances in your home, it can easily get overwhelming. That’s why you need Amazon Echo Plus. You can control all of your smart appliances with it plus more: calling and texting, playing music, and asking Alexa questions. Thanks to noise canceling technology Amazon Echo will hear your commands even if the TV or music is on.

To buy: $150,

Courtesy Phillips

Phillips Saeco GranBaristo Avanti Coffee Maker

This smart coffee machine is like having your own personal barista available 24/7. Choose from a variety of 18 coffee drinks, customize them, and save your preferences for later, all from your smartphone. The removable milk carafe means you can enjoy the perfect cappuccino or latte at any time without having to froth the milk yourself.

To buy: $3,000,

Courtesy Best Buy

Samsung Family Hub Three Door Refrigerator

Seeing what’s inside your refrigerator without opening the door and managing your weekly shopping lists are just two of the things you can do with your smart Samsung refrigerator. The 21.5-inch touchscreen monitor also lets you sync your calendar, play music, or watch TV, and you can do it all remotely thanks to the voice activation feature.

To buy: $2,500,

Courtesy Neato Robotics

Neato Botvac D7 Connected Robot Vacuum

Schedule cleanings and set up no-go zones with this Neato robot vacuum. It also has a deep clean option for places like your kitchen or around the dining table and with a battery life of 120 minutes, it’s guaranteed that your home will be spotless at the end of each cleaning.

To buy: $830,

Courtesy Whirlpool

Whirlpool Smart Oven

Even those who are not huge fans of cooking will absolutely love this smart oven. It lets you send cooking instructions, schedule custom cooking times in advance from your smartphone, and skip preheating so you can enjoy your meals faster.

To buy: $2,250,

Courtesy Nest

Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Pack

Easy to set up and use, the Nest Secure system protects your home via built-in motion detectors. Even if you forget to set it up before you leave your house, it will send you a reminder to do it remotely. Thanks to the convenient Quiet Open feature, you can deactivate certain sensors while you’re away and leave the rest of them active, which is especially useful if you have a pet in the house.

To buy: $399,