9 Stylish Luxury Board Game Sets That Double As Decor 

Julia Gartland & Ty Mecham/Courtesy Food52

Let the games begin!

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Now more than ever is the time to switch off from the digital world, put on your most comfortable loungewear, and turn your mind to a board game.

While traditional game sets have a place inside the games cupboard, some luxurious sets are designed so beautifully they can double up as decor. From Swarovski-studded chess sets to design-savvy backgammon boards, and Louis Vuitton-monogrammed Jenga, there's something for every type of player, whether it's a game for two or for the whole family. 

Here are a few of our favorite stylish game board sets to elevate your next game night.

Daniel Libeskind Architecture & The City Chess Set

Courtesy Atelierswarovski.com

Does this Swarovski crystal chess set 'checkmate' all the other sets in terms of style? We think so. Daniel Libeskind‘s championship-size chess set is an ode to the cityscapes of Milan and New York where some of the architect's most iconic buildings stand.

To buy: Atelierswarovski.com $19,900 

Aurosi Acrylic Backgammon

Julia Gartland & Ty Mecham/Courtesy Food52

Sleek, modern, acrylic, Aurosi's clear backgammon set is the stylish set we'll never want to take off the game table. 

To buy: Food52.com; from $140

Tiffany & Co. Metallic Playing Cards

Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Add a silver and gold Tiffany touch to your next Go Fish night with Tiffany's metallic deck. The brand's got a whole collection of elevated classic games too, such as this Tiffany blue poker set, pool set, and leather and walnut tennis paddles

To buy: Tiffanyandco.com; $100

Monopoly Luxury Edition 

Courtesy Pottery Barn

If you have Park Place dreams, this solid wooden Monopoly set is what you need. Inside the drawer, you’ll find wooden houses and hotels, dyed bone dice and the classic tokens, plus a Pottery Barn bulldog. 

To buy: Potterybarn.com; $229

SunnyLife Mega Jumbling Tower

Courtesy Shopbop

A colorful take on an old favorite, each of the 45 natural wood pieces are hand-dyed in bright, bold shades.  

To buy: Shopbop.com; $110 

Aerin Tic Tac Toe

Courtesy Bergdorf Goodman

Whether you're playing or simply displaying, this handcrafted tic tac toe set comes in a stylish wooden box with faux-shagreen and brass hardware.

To buy: Bergdorfgoodman.com; $995 

Charlie Bennell La Muralla Roja Puzzle

Courtesy Slowdown Studio

Designed by Australian artist Charlie Bennell, this 285 piece puzzle features Spain's famous postmodern apartment complex La Muralla Roja.

To buy: Slowdownstudio.com; $32

L'Objet Two-Pair Dice 

Courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

Could a high-quality dice be what your board game night is missing? This set comes in two sizes, big and small, and are made from antiquated brass. 

To buy: Saksfifthavenue.com; $86

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tower

Courtesy Louis Vuitton

A collector's item as much as it is a fun game set, each colorful plexiglass piece on Louis Vuitton's Jenga set is embellished with the iconic fashion house's motif. 

To buy: Louisvuitton.com; $3,050