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Ideal Hotel Amenities for Travel (or Everyday)

From under-eye masks to a vibe-changing candle, these are our editors' choice amenities.

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AFTER SPENDING SO much of the past year traveling, I’ve become hyper-aware of the amenities on offer in five-star hotel bathrooms. While some properties clearly curate their assortment — hand soaps from one purveyor, shower gels and lotions from another — most offer a small suite of products from the same company, imbued with the same signature scent. In a perfect world, every hotel bathroom would come magically stocked with your favorite amenities. To that end (and after several conversations with my fellow editors), we put together a list of the things we wish we saw every time we stepped into a sparkly hotel bathroom.

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Trudon Reggio Candle

I know hotels are often skittish when it comes to candles (I always bring my own anyway), but wouldn’t it be nice if every hotel bathroom came equipped with a mood-setting votive? I’m a firm believer that Trudon is the gold standard of fancy candles and the Reggio votive is not only lovely to look at but also adds a perfect ambiance (and a hint of Calabrian citrus) to any room. SHOP NOW

Shop Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella Vellutina Soap

I love a wee hotel soap as much as the next person and have carried many of them home over the years, but the sad fact is that a great many of them are not great, or when only one bar is provided, they end up doing double duty as a hand soap and a shower bar. And while I love a moisturizing shower gel, I still prefer a good old-fashioned bar of soap next to the sink. My go-to is a bar of Vellutina Soap from Santa Maria Novella, which feels both homey and luxurious. SHOP NOW

Shop R&Co

R&Co On a Cloud

In many hotels, I’ve often had the sneaking suspicion that the shampoo on offer is actually just the body wash with a different label. Since everyone I know has very elaborate — and very different — hair-care needs, it makes sense that the bulk of complimentary shampoos and conditioners are going to leave most people wanting. My own personal ideal would involve a combination of products from R&Co. Their On a Cloud shampoo is an oil-protein wonder that replenishes damaged hair, and their Super Garden products use CBD to help restore natural balance. SHOP NOW

Shop Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Firming Mask

As I get older, the wear and tear of travel seems to manifest most visibly on my face. There is nothing more jarring than standing in a hotel bathroom’s extra-bright light and seeing just how jet-lagged you appear. Joanna Vargas’ Bright Eye Firming Masks are the answer, but since they are (sadly) unlikely to appear in every en suite, I recommend you pack your own. They’ll give you a new lease on life. SHOP NOW

Shop Tatcha

Tatcha The Rice Wash

The first thing I want to do after checking into a hotel room, especially after many hours of traveling, is wash my face and drink a gallon of water. Since most hotel soaps are of the one-size-fits-all variety, having a facial cleanser that won’t make your skin go crazy is a must. Tatcha’s silky Rice Wash cleanser is made to calm a variety of complexions, ensuring you feel refreshed and ready to face whatever awaits you outside the calm confines of your room. SHOP NOW


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