Chanel Rouge Coco, Reinvented

Farideh Sadeghin

Friends, lovers, family, and muses are honored with new lip colors.

Coco Chanel is known to have had many things: exquisite taste, impeccable style, an unsurpassed eye for detail, an innate sense for business—and, a coterie of fabulous friends. Her inner circle of cognoscenti, those who inspired and accentuated many of her storied attributes, are highlighted this March in a reinvented line of Rouge Coco: A collection of 29 lipsticks divided into five color categories that pay tribute to the company she kept ($36 each).

Friends are memorialized in gradations of pink: “Olga,” a vivacious bright rose, nods to Olga Picasso—Pablo Ruiz Picasso's first wife, for whom Chanel designed a wedding dress; the intense, milky pink “Edith” is named for friend Edith de Beaumont, wife of Etienne de Beaumont, who designed jewels and threw high society balls in Coco's honor. Lovers are remembered with fiery reds, including the bold and luminous “Arthur,” named for Arthur Capel, Coco’s one true love, and an intense burgundy red for Etienne Balsan, her very first love.

Family members are immortalized in nudes, including Julia, Coco’s sister (an ultra-luminous beige), and mother Jeanne Eugénie Devolle (a deep and noble chocolate brown). Muses are represented with bright corals, such as “Catherine,” a rosy peach sorbet shade created for Catherine de Médicis, Queen of France. Finally, the artists who inspired her are honored with deep plums, including an intense fuchsia for poet and close friend Jean Cocteau and a black currant for composer Erik Satie.

While looking to the past for inspiration, the collection is firmly rooted in the present with a next-generation formula that contains jojoba and mimosa butters, sunflower wax, and silicone to deliver lasting hydration plus impossibly luminous shine. Whichever color you choose to wear, these 29 historical lipsticks are sure to make you feel closer to this truly consummate couturier.

$36 at; available in department stores this March.