Art Deco Engagement Rings That Never Go Out of Style

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Few decades of American history have captured our imaginations quite like the roaring 20s.

From “The Great Gatsby” to the “wild” dancing of jazz, there’s something eternally romantic about the era—which is likely why the aesthetic of the Art Deco movement is still so popular almost a century later. 

The Art Deco movement spread across the world from the 1910s through the 30s, but it reached its glittering popularity during the 20s. As flappers bobbed their hair, the swirling detailing of previous eras gave way to simpler (but no less extravagant) style. Ziggurats and sunbursts flourished as symbols and it seemed like everything was dripping in a layer of slick metalwork or precious gems. 

If you’re looking for a classic engagement ring that will stay in style for as long as your eternal love, consider one of these Art Deco beauties. 

Courtesy Etsy

Art Deco Baguette Diamond Ring

Customize this vintage vibe engagement ring to your beloved’s desire. It can come in yellow gold, white gold, or trendy rose gold for a modern touch. The baguette-cut white diamonds are an understated homage to the Art Deco trend while a thin band ensures that the stones remain the starring attraction of this piece.

Shop: $1,499

Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Art Deco Diamond Ring

This Tiffany ring couples the lavish nature of the Art Deco period with a sense of fun. The Tiffany Yellow Diamond (2.3 carats) is more playful than a traditional white diamond, but the entire piece remains classic with a series of smaller, accompanying diamonds that fade into a silver band.  

Shop: $71,000

Courtesy Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner Platinum Eternity Ring

This vintage ring is believed to date back to 1925, the heyday of the Art Deco movement. It’s constructed of platinum with a series of tiny 0.2 carat diamonds throughout the band. Inside, there are engravings of wheat, meant to symbolize abundance and fertility. If the ring is still in excellent condition after more than 90 years, it’s also probably a sign of longevity.

Shop: $1,400

Courtesy James Allen

14K White Gold Engagement Ring

This engagement ring was deliberately cut with an open frame to allow light to pass through. The lance shapes cut through the setting in an elegant nod to Art Deco geometry. This ring is fully customizable with a variety of different metals and diamond carat sizes.

Shop: $1,450

Courtesy Erstwhile Jewelry

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring 

Bring some color into your engagement. This diamond and sapphire vintage number elevates the stones and puts each one on individual display. A sapphire border draws the eye to the 1.35-carat diamond at the center of the ring while simultaneously being a superb example of Art Deco geometry.

Shop: $14,200

Courtesy Etsy

The Margot Wedding Ring

If your version of Art Deco is all lavish and flash, this tiara-like number could be a perfect fit. For those kneelers who prefer to plan ahead, there’s an option to purchase a matching stacking set of wedding and engagement rings. When the two are worn together, it’s an eye-catching statement of vintage flair. 

Shop: $799

Courtesy Brilliant Earth

The Radcliffe Ring 

This authentic vintage ring flirts with extravagance but never strays from good taste. At the center of the ring is an old European cut diamond with a weight of 0.59 carats. From there, smaller diamonds echo out in a timeless geometric cross. The ring and diamond are ethically sourced, so there’s one less thing to worry about when getting down on one knee.

Shop: $2,590