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Alex Crane’s New Shirt Is Actually Nuts (and Plants, Too)

The Porto shirt is a stylish, biodegradable example of sustainable fashion at its pinnacle.

A photograph of Porto Shirt Shop at Alex Crane



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MUCH HAS BEEN written about the effects of fast fashion on the environment and the seismic ecological impact that comes with producing large quantities of inexpensive clothing. Even with an increased awareness of sustainability, upcycling, and reinvention, it’s depressing to find out exactly what happens to all that clothing that no one wants. According to TheRoundup, an environmental site dedicated to promoting sustainable living, up to 100 billion garments are produced by the fashion industry every year, and as much as 92 million tons of unwanted clothing end up in landfills annually. Given how much new clothing is actually made from plastic and purely synthetic fibers, most of it will exist in landfills far beyond our lifetimes. Perhaps even worse, synthetic garments frequently release tiny plastic microfibers when they are washed, and nearly 500,000 tons of these microfibers end up in the ocean every year.

To that end, the Porto shirt from Alex Crane is a stylish step in the right direction. With a description that reads “This shirt is made from plants,” this chic button-up is 100% biodegradable. Made with soft organic cotton, pearly corozo buttons (a Brazilian nut known as “plant ivory”), and natural dyes created from minerals, the Porto is not only breathable but also incredibly durable. It’s available in three colors (Ink, Ivory, and Wave) and is a perfect entry point into the world of Alex Crane, a sustainably minded brand that offers impeccably designed clothing and accessories for men and women. Relying on ethically sourced, natural materials — flax, organic cotton, natural rubber, merino wool, cactus-derived leathers — the brand offers a wide range of season-spanning wardrobe staples (the canvas kite jacket is another favorite). It’s also nice knowing that these are pieces you could donate, upcycle, or even throw away guilt-free, though you’ll inevitably want to wear them forever.



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Departures and American Express do not provide, endorse, or guarantee any of the items, and the sale of such items is governed by the third-party seller’s policies, terms, and conditions.

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