The Secrets to Shipping

These ten experts can ensure the safe transport of any travel treasure, no matter how far it needs to go.

Christie’s Inc.
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Art and Antiques

Transporting art is not for the faint of heart. With multimillion-dollar price tags and materials as fragile as butterfly wings—like in the case of an 84-inch-by-210-inch, $3,472,969 artwork by Damien Hirst—each piece must be handled with the utmost care. “Your art handler should know the rules governing export and import,” says Andrew Petherick, head of art transport at Christie’s UK. “For the Damien Hirst, we had to obtain the Latin names for all 74 species of butterfly used in the work and make sure each one was clear for export.” For exceedingly valuable pieces, consider a double crate with extra cushioning, a climate-controlled truck with air-ride suspension and a cargo service with experience handling this type of art. Other options include a security escort and “airside” supervision, in which an agent will accompany the item all the way to the hold of an aircraft.