The Secrets to Shipping

These ten experts can ensure the safe transport of any travel treasure, no matter how far it needs to go.

Courtesy of AWC
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Vintage Wine

“Wine is a living thing,” cautions Gabriel Matagne, international shipping and business development manager at The Antique Wine Company. “Import compliance, proper storage and avoiding customs delays are therefore crucial for ensuring your wine arrives in perfect condition.” When wine is delayed, it runs the risk of languishing on too-hot or too-cold docks and runways, conditions that are potentially devastating for, say, a 63 Vintage Château Mouton Rothschild Vertical ($87,900) dating back to 1924, just one of the rare finds in the company’s cellar. The key to shipping wine is to keep what Matagne calls the “cold chain” intact throughout transportation. That means dealing with vendors who can guarantee temperature-controlled warehouses and refrigerated trucks and know the myriad international rules and regulations.