Robert Passal Interior and Architectural Design

Photo by Joshua McHugh

Robert Passal Interior and Architectural Design
New York City, Miami

Firm Description
Robert Passal Interior and Architectural Design specializes in interiors that are meticulously personalized to meet clients' aesthetic goals and lifestyle.  With offices in New York and Miami, projects span the globe and range from residential to commercial to yachts. The firm works with clients on all aspects of their home, including building residences, designing pool environments and creating landscaping.

Approach to Residential Design
To begin, the firm gets to know their clients. They practice what they call a "MIP-Make It Personal" approach, so the designs truly reflect their clients on all levels. "After all, once we've completed a space, it's our clients who will live and thrive there," says Passal. He and his team works with clients to build classic interiors that may be contemporary, traditional or everything in-between, yet always feel established and timeless.   

Distinguishing Characteristics
Passal says the first commandment in luxury interior designer is exceeding clients' expectations.  With designs that are approachable yet luxe, he strives to build interiors that feel as though they've evolved over time, which requires precise attention and care.

Work Influences
The firm's influences derive from just about anything, anywhere or anyone, including historic references to art, architecture and furnishings. "To keep our work fresh and approachable, we're influenced by our surroundings, gardens, cities and really just about anything. We recently built the color palette of a home in Southampton from a bouquet of flowers I spotted at a local farmers market," says Passal. "Inspiration is truly all around us; the trick is being conscious of it."

Year founded: 2000
Number of employees: 6
Services: Residential and commercial interior design, architectural services, custom homes, space planning, art consulting, residential design consulting, yacht design

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