Palm Beach Living Room © Ken Hayden

Q: Traditionally most interior design related payments were made by check, right?
A: True. But I would say that in the past decade it's become a trend to reap the rewards of payment via your charge card.

Q: Why do you think that is?
A: Many of my clients, who are DEPARTURES readers, realized the advantage of using their card for purchases – they were really enticed by the perks.

Q: Where are some places they've used their Cards?
A: At many showrooms in the D&D (Decoration & Design) building in New York. We've used it for fabrics, trims, wallpapers and furniture there. Most antique shops too. And of course, every retailer, whether brick and mortar or online.

Q: And when you're renovating and furnishing a home, those points add up pretty quickly.
A: I have one client that accumulated almost a million points by decorating one house.

Q: A million points! What did they do with them?
A: She took her whole family – all six of them – on a first class, six star summer vacation. Free.

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