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Q. What are some of the most common design mistakes you think people make with their bedrooms?
A. Dark sheets – they fade and look dirty. White sheets are the way to go – they feel fresh, comfortable and clean. Also, people tend to use too much pattern, which is too stimulating when a bedroom should be relaxing and calming, helping you find your inner Zen.

When it comes specifically to the bed, it has to be comfortable, easy to make and look good. A top blanket will hide the wrinkles and keep a tailored look. Add a summer weight duvet that is fluffed and folded at the end of the bed – this keeps things flexible depending on temperature and it's easy to care for. Finally, add two or three great accent pillows that you can change out with the season.

Q. What about guest bedrooms?
A. The mistake people make in their guest bedrooms, is treating it as the step-child, when in actuality it is the biggest gift you can offer to your friends and family staying in your home. Have 4 pillows: 2 firm, 2 soft. Also an extra blanket in the drawer, a duvet at the foot of the bed, and a soft reading light. A TV in the room allows guests the opportunity to sneak away for some alone time. Add bottled water, earplugs and fresh flowers on the side table – perfection!

Q. How important is lighting in this space, and how does lighting a bedroom differ from other rooms in a home?
A. So important!! Keep the light that is adjacent to the bed soft and flattering. Have the option of an overhead light for tasks and reading, but be sure you are able to turn it off -- the worst thing is to be lying in bed staring up at a glaring light bulb. Soft pendants are a wonderful way to add light to the bedroom, and candles are a must. Also, affordable dimmer cords on your bedside lamps allow you to dial it way down to a soft, romantic glow.

Q. Are new technologies finding their way into the bedroom? How do you design for those technologies?
A. We are finding that clients are using their iPads to control the entire house, and typically keep this by their bedside. The stands for these can be beautiful. We recently installed a home with gorgeous bleached walnut stands so the iPad stays at fingers reach, and fully charged. Also, disappearing TVs that can recess or conceal behind something beautiful is a great touch.

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