Clockwise from top right: Matthew Satz Untitled Monochrome (Red, 7.06) Oil on Canvas 9"x5" © Matthew Satz;
@60" – The Height of Art © Philip Gorrivan; @60" – The Height of Art © Philip Gorrivan

I think about the entire home and curate each room around a theme. The room with the biggest statement is typically the living room, so the first work to buy should be one that makes a commanding statement, placed perhaps above the mantle or sofa, or on a dominant wall visible from the front door.

Think about whether you want an original painting, photograph or limited-edition print. Photography can be damaged by direct sunlight – if you're going to hang a photograph in a spot that does get light, frame it using UV Plexi-glass. This will help block most of the harmful rays that cause fading.

As a general rule, works should be hung so that the center of the piece is at eye level – or 60 inches from the floor. Sculpture may sit on the floor, a table, or on a pedestal depending on the size and design. Although I don't recommend choosing artwork to match the colors in your room, there are some rules of thumb: select two of the most dominant colors in your room and pick artworks that have similar colors. If your room has bright walls or colorful objects, create contrast by adding black and white photography or muted colors. If your house is filled with antiques, framing the artworks in white contemporary frames, creates a modern vibe. Last by not least, show-off your artwork by installing track lighting or up-lights to bring your art to life.

Buy art you like and can afford. It may seem cliché but art that creates a positive emotion brings happiness into your daily routine – so pay attention to the images that stay in your head after visiting a gallery or museum. Once you have an idea of what style of art you like best, go online to @60" – The Height of Art, and browse their directory. You're able to sort by price, medium, theme and dimensions while getting insider information on 'what's next' in the art world. The site also allows you to preview artwork by ordering a sample "SIN" print to 'try' before buying an original, and you can order as many as you want. Limited editions start at a few hundred dollars. The site is a great resource for interior designers and art collectors alike.

  @60" represents the best in emerging art and design through its innovative e-commerce platform.