photos © Sam Fronst

From the sand to the canyons, the allure of the sun and opportunity in Los Angeles attracts a pioneering type, people looking to pursue their dream, whether a young Hollywood family designing their first bungalow or industry stalwarts building their dream estate. To put it poetically, Los Angeles is the people she attracts, and any talk of Los Angeles style must take the diversity of this population into account.

Simply put: it's a beautiful mix. There is no buying into a specific, uniform look or identifiable textbook style. Interiors here are often layered, much like the topography of the city itself. Some call this Bohemian chic, a catch-all phrase that seems to be used to define a mix of old with new, of production pieces with hand made craft, topped off with family heirlooms and ethnic touches garnered on world travels.

While this can be true for many spaces, regardless of location, here it is unique. Los Angeles will always be about the marvelous connection we have to the outdoors and temperate climate, a shared love for outdoor space. Many of us are fortunate enough to live in a way that blurs the line between interior and exterior. This influences design in many ways, the most obvious being that every home must reflect a relationship with the environment: windows fill rooms wet with light, garden air breezes through open doors.

We often get the opportunity to incorporate a variety of architectural and style influences into our projects, looking toward Mediterranean villas, verandas of Creole cottages or the minimalistic gardens of Japanese teahouses for inspiration. Again, the diversity of architecture shapes our aesthetic in the sense that if we're working on a Malibu ranch or a canyon cantilever, indoor/outdoor living is a 365 day experience.

Ultimately, we want both our formal and casual designs to remain fresh, bright, warm and comfortable – that's what Los Angeles is all about.

  Amy Kehoe and Todd Nickey merged their design backgrounds in early 2004 forming Nickey · Kehoe, Inc., a design firm focused on residential and commercial projects and the retail shop which houses their vintage finds, private label products and a selection of handpicked goods from around the world.