New Whiskeys for the New Year

Warm up this winter with a bottle of these recently released, limited-edition spirits.

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OF 11

Double Cask Rye, Hillrock Estate Distillery

As one of very few field-to-glass distilleries in the world, Hillrock Estate takes enormous pride in doing everything by hand—and on property. Located in New York’s Hudson Valley, Hillrock grows its own organic grain, distills in a custom 250-gallon copper pot still, floor malts in-house (most distilleries buy malt commercially) and bottles every small batch using manpower alone. For its Double Cask Rye ($90; 750 ml), which debuted last September in limited single-cask allotments, the distillery finished a two-year-old rye in a secondary cask for an extra six months. Air-dried and heavily charred, the barrel adds caramel, maple and vanilla notes to balance the spiciness of the rye and reduce the bitter tannins that come from kiln-dried oak.

Tasting Notes: Long, warm and sweet, with mint, butterscotch, clove and prune.