Michael J. Valente, Inc.

Photo by Gross and Daley

Michael J. Valente, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

Firm Description
Michael J. Valente, Inc., is an internationally recognized design firm specializing in highly customized interior design projects. Recent work includes apartments in New York City and Paris; seaside villas in Palm Beach, Malibu and the French Riviera; estates in Greenwich, Conn. and Brentwood, Calif., and a ski house in Deer Valley, Utah.

Approach to Residential Design
While projects may vary greatly, the company's approach is the same: they start by understanding the client's lifestyle, interests, and vision for their new home. Valente enjoys working with clients who have a strong design aesthetic and lifestyle, and finds accommodating a client's existing collections especially gratifying as it progresses the design scheme further. During every phase of the project, a strong emphasis is placed on historical references. Ultimately, the total integration of interior, architectural and landscape design elements is critical to a successful outcome.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Extensive knowledge of art and architectural history play a key role in Valente's ability to move between styles and periods, and allows him to successfully break the rules on occasion. Because the designs rely on many custom-made elements, the collaboration with artisans, craftspeople, workrooms, galleries and vendors throughout the world sets their work apart. 

Work Influences
Valente responds to all the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch that surround him. His unending curiosity drives him to continually seek new knowledge and experiences so he remains open-minded about every project. "What I do is a synthesis of everything I take in on a daily basis, no matter where I am or what I am doing. I may be traveling or appreciating the calm of the seaside or the energy of the city. It all relates back to living life and creating compelling environments," says Valente.

Year founded: 1990
Number of employees: 5
Services: Interior design and decoration, architectural design, landscape design, construction and project supervision

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