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Celebrate World Whisky Day With a Virtual Tasting

Ahead of World Whisky Day on May 16, Scottish luxury providers Away From The Ordinary are offering bespoke and rare digital whisky tastings.


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How are you celebrating World Whisky day next month? While it would be great to jet off to Scotland to sample some of the globe's finest whisky, travel specialists at Away From The Ordinary are bringing a unique travel experience to your home.

The company, which specializes in fully tailored experiences in Scotland, are offering individualized virtual whisky tastings with expert Aeneas O'Hara, who talks through the malts via Zoom. Participants are sent a link to a website where they can order the five carefully curated malt whiskys 10 days ahead of the tastings. The group then chats through the whiskys over a one to two-hour virtual session.

Participants can either arrange an individual tasting for themselves and their friends and colleagues or choose to join one of the pre-arranged tastings (the next are on May 14 and 28), which usually run on regional themes.

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"At Away From The Ordinary, we believed it was our responsibility to help people around the world stay connected to the culture and heritage of Scotland during this troubling time," said Michael McCuish at Away From The Ordinary. "Digital Scotch whisky tastings are the perfect way to do this. We bring a touch of Scottish hospitality and warmth into your home through the digital tastings, replicating the care, passion, and knowledge we use for organizing amazing vacations to Scotland."

He added, "In Scotland, whisky is more than just a spirit—it is a narrative in a bottle. A story is unfolding through the liquid. These digital whisky masterclasses are allowing us the opportunity to continue to tell this tale in a meaningful way. The philosophy is the same; the tastings are just a little shorter."

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Also, for anyone who inquires about booking in 2021, the company is offering the opportunity to chat with a Scottish local via video call. Those ambassadors include Lord Bruce, the descendant of Robert the Bruce, a chef, a local musician, and a guide who worked with Diana Gabaldon (writer of Outlander).


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