Winning Wine Regions

Nicholas Eveleigh - Getty Images

Eduard Seitan, the trailblazing sommelier and co-owner of Chicago’s Avec, on where to look for wine this year.

Sardinia: I’ve had Sardinian wines on my list since the restaurant opened. I love their freshness and rusticity. They say Sardinians live longer thanks to the phenols found in the wines made with the Cannonau grape, one of many reasons to drink Sella & Mosca’s 2007 Cannonau di Sardegna, Risirva. $15;

Michigan: I was a judge at the 35th annual Michigan State Wine and Spirits Competition. Some entries were shit; others, outstanding. Cherry Creek Winery’s 2003 Montage is in the latter camp. A blend of Chancellor Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon from Michigan's Irish Hills, it’s been served to Obama and Oprah. $20;

The Canary Islands: The islands, made of volcanic rock, were untouched by the phylloxera epidemic of the late 1800s. The wines taste of volcano, sea and strange, dark fruit. Try Los Bermejos’s 2010 Malvasía Seco [$25;], from Lanzarote, or Tierras de Aponte’s 2010 Tinto [$20;], from Tenerife.