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Wine tasting is a process deeply rooted in tradition. But one company is hoping to break that mold by offering a first-of-its-kind experience to consumers. Critically-acclaimed pinot noir specialist, Siduri, just announced they would be using photorealistic holographic Web AR (Augmented Reality) to bring their bottles to life.

In partnership with augmented reality design firm Rock Paper Reality, the company created technology that catapults Siduri founder Adam Lee out of a wine bottle to share the winery story. There are several immersive, three-dimensional segments where a holographic Lee takes wine drinkers on a unique journey.

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And what makes this technology particularly unique is that it’s all accessible via a smartphone. Typical AR or VR experiences require a headset and downloading an application. Siduri’s experience is accessed via a hyperlink or by scanning a QR code. That QR code will be featured on the actual labels next year to launch the AR experience from any wine shop, restaurant, or at home.

“With our AR expertise and Microsoft’s volumetric capture technology, the holographic projections once only possible in films like Star Wars can now be experienced by anyone, anytime - no downloads, no applications, no friction,” said Patrick Johnson, CEO of Rock Paper Reality.

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To create the hologram, 106 cameras were set up on a stage at the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios. From there, it was processed using computer vision algorithms to create the photorealistic hologram. Animations were then added to enhance the storytelling.

“Siduri has always found ways to connect over wine without being overly complicated – it can be serious, while still being fun,” said Adam Lee, Siduri founder, in a statement. “Since founding Siduri, I wanted to break that preconceived notion that wine is too serious or snobby. Siduri is about my passion for Pinot and a reflection of my personality – fun, laidback, and probably too loud. When we were offered the chance to bring that personality to life in a whole new way, we jumped at the opportunity. It seemed like the perfect thing to do with a wine like Siduri.”


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