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Taking a Futuristic Approach to Wine Collecting With a Robotically Powered AI System

The traditional cellar goes high tech.


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Wine collectors are serious when it comes to storing, protecting, and showcasing their wines. Up to this point, a wine cellar was ground zero for this vital part of collecting. But one company is changing all that. WineCab is the first-ever robotically-powered system for wine collections, complete with an AI sommelier.

Yes, the smart-home has now reached the wine cellar despite centuries of connoisseurs swearing by the underground lair. The new technology allows Michelin-starred restaurateurs to amateur wine collectors to bring their cellars above ground. The high-tech wine management system controls temperature, has top-notch security settings, a seven-axis industrial high-speed robotic arm, and an AI “virtual” sommelier to help you choose the perfect bottle.

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Each bottle is robotically scanned into Delectable—a wine management system—allowing users to access real-time data. With the push of a button, you can learn when a bottle was moved, dispensed, or stored. That’s in addition to background information on the wine like the name, varietals, producers, and regions. That information is then used in conjunction with an integrated AI system that can suggest a wine pairing selection. WineCab will also notify you if a particular vintage is running low. There’s also facial recognition security that will only let approved users access certain bottles. And it all looks sleek out in the open on display.

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Ranging from six to 15 feet, the WineCab WineWall allows owners to display their collection of up to 600 bottles. The high-tech dispenser also has custom cabinetry and finish options so that it can fit in any environment. The company’s craftsmen will build a model to suit your exact needs making each one unique. Think exotic wood exteriors, metal trims, interior wallpaper, and personalized engraving.

The cost for a wine cellar of the future? Prices start at $179,000.


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