London Debuts Whisky Vending Machine Just in Time for the Holidays

Courtesy Whisky Me

Whisky-Me installed a vending machine serving only Scotch so you can get a taste of the good stuff at the touch of a button.

On the back of the release of the first whisky to be produced in England in over a century, London is celebrating a new whisky-inspired creation. This time, it's a whisky-dispensing vending machine. Installed in Shoreditch earlier this month, the vending machine will be around through the holiday season.

Courtesy Whisky-Me

The vending machine made by whisky subscription club, Whisky-Me—from the team behind East London's award-winning Black Rock Bar—has been installed in front of the Napoleon Hotel to celebrate the service's one-year anniversary and will dispense little pouches of booze until the end of December. 

All you have to do is purchase tokens from the hotel's upstairs bar, Devils Darling, to use in the machine and access one of Whisky-Me’s bespoke pouches of single malt. The machine can be used anytime between 10am and 2am, in line with the bar's licensing. 

Like all monthly Whisky-Me deliveries, the vending machine’s single malt offering has been carefully curated by founders Thomas Aske and Tristan Stephenson, to best represent the glorious flavors and diversity of single malt.

Courtesy Whisky-Me

In addition to a special ‘birthday whisky’, other available pouches hold fine single malts that have been previously featured on the Whisky-Me subscription service from celebrated distilleries such as Macallan, Royal Lochnagar, and Aberfeldy. 

Whisky fans across the UK can subscribe for as little as $9 a month to explore a different 5cl dram of single malt each month. And it'll always be a different dram, "We never send the same whisky twice, and with over 100 malt distilleries in Scotland to choose from (some of them producing dozens of expressions) we only send the best," the Whisky-Me website explains.