Recipe: Mim Cocktail (Shochu, Vermouth and Champagne)

© Farideh Sadeghin

While we wait for the Ritz Paris to reopen its doors next year, famed bartender Colin Peter Field of the Hemingway Bar shares five of his signature cocktail recipes to replicate at home.

This fruity cocktail owes its subtly nutty aroma and toasty flavor to the addition Benio Tome shochu—a Japanese spirit most often distilled from barley, but here made from sesame seeds.






1 oz. Shochu, such as Benio Tome from Fukuoka
2 oz white vermouth, such as Dolin Vermouth de Chambery
1 orange slice
1 cucumber slice
Champagne, to top


Add shochu, and vermouth to a mixing glass over ice. Stir five times and strain into Champagne glass. Add orange, lemon and cucumber, and top with Champagne.