Rare Napa Valley Wines Available to Purchase Online for the First Time—And It's Just for One More Day

Emily Kent Photography/Getty Images

Vineyards are looking for ways to treat customers while tasting rooms are closed.

Similar to every other industry right now, winemakers had to shut their doors to visitors. But while they might not be able to interact with customers in person, vineyards across the famous Napa Valley have found a way to please wine lovers still. Many started hosting virtual tastings, and now Napa Valley Vintner is selling wines online that generally are only available in the wineries. But it's only for one more day.

The Open the Cellar sale is for two days only—April 14 and 15—and will feature over 250 wines from more than 150 producers. And it's not just one type. What's incredible with this offering is that wine lovers have the opportunity to scoop up bottles from across vineyards that would typically require an extensive wine tour. Even wineries who usually made their wines available to their mailing list online, like Brand Napa Valley, Staglin Family, and Corison Winery, joined the sale. 

Altogether, there will be 18 vintages and 20 varieties available with bottles ranging from $25 to over $600. So, you can get everything from a 2019 Don Ernesto's Beret - Rose Of Syrah Rose from Hagafen Cellars to a 1991 Zinfandel from Frog's Leap for $115.

For the wineries, a sale like this helps smaller producers who are struggling after tasting rooms were forced to close due to the spread of COVID-19. "With the sudden national crisis, we are confronted with the dilemma of no visitors in Napa," said Tom Gamble of Gamble Family Vineyards in a statement. "Napa Valley Vintners has provided the opportunity to expose our wines to Napa-wine lovers who may still not have heard of our small, exclusive brand, and thus begin a relationship that thrives as with our current friends."

Ultimately, these purchases are helping small businesses stay afloat. "You support the employees and small family businesses in wine country, get an exclusive wine, and you don't have to leave your couch," reads the sale website.