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New Napa Valley Wine Concierge Will Get You Wines Not Available for Purchase

This program grants access to Montelena's extensive library of wines.


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For wine lovers getting the chance to own a rare vintage is always a treat. But it can sometimes be challenging to find one. That is until Napa Valley's Chateau Montelena launched their new Concierge Program.

The winery's high-end, customizable wine tasting experience grants access to its extensive library of wines featuring vintages from the 1970s and beyond. A Montelena staff member will guide you through the vintages to pick wines that are best suited to their palate. That includes access to purchase vintages that would not otherwise be available to the general public. Not to mention, it's a unique way to get access to older wines guaranteed to have been aged in the perfect conditions of their cellar.

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"The ageability of wine can be difficult to understand until it's been experienced," head winemaker Matt Crafton on the Concierge Program told Departures. "It's not something we encounter in everyday life and is rare even in the wine world. But the opportunity to taste back through the decades to enjoy a unique moment in the life of a wine is certainly special. Moreover, for collectors who are looking to purchase specific vintages, formats (up to 9L bottles), or to simply glean some firsthand knowledge on how Montelena wines develop over time, this is the best way to do so."

This program was designed to meet the increasing demand for premium wine sales, which have boomed during the pandemic. This is, in part, because people are dining more at home, exploring (i.e., depleting) their cellars, and are spending more on experiences they can enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

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"Our Hospitality staff is among the best, and this program allows one to collaborate with them directly to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience," added Crafton. "The level of attention and customization is an investment on our part, but it allows us to ensure that our guests have the most enjoyable visit to Montelena."

Tastings start at $250 and can be made by emailing concierge@montelena.com or calling 1-800-222-7288.


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