Liquid Souvenirs: 9 Bottles of Booze to Travel the World For

Local spirits have a way of distilling the essence of a place like no other keepsake.

Laura Sant / Courtesy Santa Maria Novella
OF 10

Alkermes, Italy

The Officina Profumo Farmaceutia di Santa Maria Novella in Florence is billed as the oldest pharmacy in Europe. The inside is magnificent: arched ceilings, frescoes, and an array of signature perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, and such antique elixirs as Alkermes, whose recipe can be traced to Medicean Florence. The crimson color comes from the kermes beetle; the flavor is cinnamon- and clove-spiced, lifted by orange peel and rose water. Alkermes is the key ingredient in several Tuscan desserts, and is a lauded digestivo. 16 Via della Scala, Florence; 39-55/216-276;