A Whiskey Company Will Help You Tailgate On A Real Viking Ship This Football Season

Courtesy Highland Park

Swap a truck bed for a square sail.

Football fans will go all out to support and celebrate their favorite teams. But this year, one whiskey brand is testing the limits on exactly what that means. Just in time for prime tailgating season, Highland Park is giving scotch enthusiasts, Viking descendants, and Minnesota Vikings fans the ultimate experience for football season: a customized Viking ship tailored to your tailgate likings.

Called the “Highland Park Ship & Sip” package, fans can swap out the back of a pick-up truck for a Viking ship made out of the finest cedar wood and luxurious leather finishings. On the ship, you’ll get to enjoy 4k high-def resolution screens for ultimate game-viewing experience, an engraved Gjallarhorn for you to blow when your team scores a touchdown, and monogrammed team drinking Viking horn. 

Courtesy Highland Park

Created in 1798 in Orkney, a remote set of islands off the far north coast of Scotland, Highland Park is a renowned single-malt Scotch whiskey that honors the pride and fierce independence of the early Viking settlers who made Orkney their home over 1,000 years ago. The one-time tailgating experience will include a personal whiskey butler to lead you through a tailgate scotch tasting for pregame, a bartender to whip up your favorite Highland Park cocktails for you and friends, a private photographer to capture the most memorable moments, and private security—since you know you will have curious onlookers.

Courtesy Highland Park

So just how much does this wild experience cost? The package is being offered for $117,980—and the unique price is for a reason. Not only does it cost a ton to make a Viking ship, but the figure is also a shout-out to the brand’s heritage. 

To inquire about purchasing the Ship & Sip package, please email Americas@HighlandParkWhisky.com