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Our Favorite Aperitif Brand Just Released a New Flavor That’s Perfect for Warm Weather

An excellent blend of refreshing and heat.


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We've finally made it to the other side of what feels like the world's longest winter. And now that the days are getting brighter and warmer, it's time for equally fresh flavors—which is why we're raising our glasses to a new citrusy, spicy sip from one of our favorite apéritif makers, Haus.

Haus only started producing wine-based apéritifs back in 2019, but that hasn't stopped the California-based company from developing a devoted fan base. By crafting low-ABV drinks from local, seasonal ingredients, Haus has tapped into a growing trend of modern drinkers who want the complexity of cocktails without the buzz. In fact, according to Haus, its sampler kits have sold out four times since launching in October. The latest must-have from the brand? Grapefruit Jalapeño.

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To buy: Haus Grapefruit Jalapeño, $35 at

Made with fresh grapefruit, Makrut lime leaves, and jalapeño, the new flavor is perfect for the hot months ahead. It blends crisp citrus with a slight heat and a hint of organic blue agave syrup to add natural sweetness. And because the Grapefruit Jalapeño variety only has 1.4 grams of sugar and 18% ABV, you can sip it on the rocks or with a splash of seltzer and not worry about a hangover the next day.

"From the beginning we built Haus to make products for today's drinker—and that involves building real relationships with our customers to create the products they want," said Helena Price Hambrecht, Haus co-founder and co-CEO. "Our newest flavor is no exception, inspired by cocktails we love, input from our community, and fresh, California-grown ingredients."

When trying out Grapefruit Jalapeno ourselves, we found the drink to be light and refreshing. While many apéritifs can be overly sweet, the grapefruit really shines through with each sip. We also enjoyed the slight kick from the jalapeño and peppercorns, which reminded us of a spicy margarita.

Of course, if you do want to make Haus apéritifs a little stronger, they're excellent cocktail starters, too. Rather than squeeze and measure juices and syrup, you simply open the bottle to kick off happy hour. Grapefruit Jalapeño pairs well with tequila or mezcal for a paloma or a fruity twist on a margarita, or prosecco if you're craving a spritz.

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Grapefruit Jalapeño comes in 750-milliliter bottles (enough for up to a dozen drinks) and costs $35. You can also sign up for a free Haus membership, which starts at $35 a month and includes free shipping on all orders. But if you're interested in trying it out, you'll need to hustle—we have a feeling the summer-ready flavor won't stay in stock long.


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