Patrón en Lalique: An Ultra-Exclusive Collaboration

Courtesy Patron

The iconic French crystal maker and premium tequila house have created the season's most coveted spirit release.

Still searching for a gift for the man—or woman—who has everything? We’re betting they don’t have a bottle of ultra-exclusive, limited-edition Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1. While Lalique has previously made decanters for premium spirits brands (including a 62-year-old Macallan Scotch whisky), this is their first-ever partnership with a tequila distiller. Marking the spirit's fast-rising prestige as a luxury product, the historic collaboration makes the perfect present for the serious collector, or any appreciator of fine craftsmanship.

Each numbered and signed, hand-blown crystal decanter is decorated with a motif inspired by the Weber Blue Agave plant (from which tequila is made) and features an amber crystal stopper that represents that heart, or piña, of the agave. Presented in a leather case adorned with the same detailing as the bottle, the package makes an impressive display that is only fitting for what’s contained within: A blend of the oldest, rarest tequila that Patrón has ever bottled. Aged for a minimum of four years (añejo tequila is typically aged for one year and never more than three years) in a combination of new American and aged French oak, the finished product is a uniquely complex extra-añejo with notes of butterscotch, nuts, vanilla, and toffee followed by a long finish featuring just the right amount wood and spice. It’s unlike any tequila you’ve ever sipped—and unless you can get your hands on one of just 500 bottles available worldwide, never will.

$7,500; contact Patrón for purchasing information.