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How We Travel: Wines Our Editors Love Right Now

How We Travel is a monthly series covering all things—big and small, near and far—related to what our editors love about traveling the world (or sometimes, appreciating what we have at home: like wine).


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It's no secret that everyone on the team behind Departures is a big fan of globetrotting. Some of us have been in the industry for just a few years; some for decades. When we're not busy writing, editing, and producing content to share with all of you, we like to chat about our own travel dreams—of which there are many.

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Each month, we will be publishing a series called How We Travel. These articles will be a peek into the minds' of our editors. We'll cover topics like bucket list destinations, things we seek out when traveling, our favorite staycation activities, and much more.

With summertime upon us, there's no shortage of delicious wine—new and vintage—to enjoy from the comfort of home. Below, the wines our editors can't get enough of right now.

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Ferreira Cellars

“I really miss traveling right now so to satisfy (at least partially) my wanderlust I try to stock up on local products from my favorite destinations. I recently bought a bottle of Ferreira Tawny Port Wine because it reminded me of a trip I took to Porto several years ago when I visited Ferreira's cellars. Now, every once in awhile I’ll have a small glass after dinner and it immediately brings me back to that magical time. It’s full of flavor and is so delicious.”

— Dobrina Zhekova, Digital Contributor

The Wine Cellar at Reverence

"I’ve been relying on the excellent wine cellar of one of my favorite New York restaurants—Reverence. During the COVID crisis, they’ve switched from their insanely good five-course tasting menu to bento boxes and cocktails, wine, and snacks to-go. Reverence’s beverage director, Katie Chunn, has impeccable taste, so whenever we’re planning a visit I stock up by ordering a bottle of white, red, and rosé—she chooses lockdown-friendly wines that pair perfectly both with what chef Russell Jackson is serving, and our general moods, so it’s mercifully one less thing to think about during these trying times. You know you’re in the best of hands."

— Alessandra Codinha, Style Director

Wölffer Estate Vineyard

"When summer rolls around, I'm always in the mood for a crisp, cool glass of Wölffer Estate wine. I'm partial to the oceanside terroir of the Trebbiano 2018 and, for special occasions, the Noblesse Oblige 2016 (this pairs especially well with fresh oysters). I'm also very excited to test their Cellar Series collection in June, which will feature small batch artisanal wines. The vineyard is even hosting private virtual wine tastings, which are an especially fun way to try out the different varietals."

— Ellie Nan Storck, Associate Digital Editor

Hall Wines and Kontokosta Winery

"I’m slowly making my way through my stockpile of wines from my favorite American vineyards, including Hall in Napa Valley and, in the North Fork on Long Island, a little winery called Kontokosta. Hall’s Cabernet Sauvignons are especially going well with all my comfort food go-tos: mushroom risotto, spinach lasagna, and way too much cheese."

—Jackie Caradonio, Travel Director

Tank Garage Winery and Amplify Wines

"I’ve really stepped up my chilled red game lately. Chilled red is the wine gods' way of smiling down on red drinkers in the summer. I’m obsessed with Tank Garage Winery in Napa, and my favorite Tank bottle of late is The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. At 60% Pinot Noir, it’s got a Beaujolais/Gamay vibe that chills perfectly. I also love Amplify Wines, which are by a female winemaker out of Santa Barbara. Their red, Mixtape, is chillable and the grapes—Tempranillo, Grenache Blanc, Refosco—are sourced from the Santa Ynez Valley. I like a chilled red that's heading toward Lambrusco territory, and this bottle has just the right amount of acidity that it verges on lightly carbonated."

— Maya Kachroo-Levine, Contributing Digital Editor

White Birch Vineyards

"On a memorable drive from Upstate New York back to NYC a few years ago during a particularly snowy Christmas vacation, my wife, then two-year-old daughter, and I got stuck in Skaneateles, New York for a few nights as we waited for better weather. While at the time the unplanned trip was a frustrating detour, we ended up adding on another night because the hotel was great (shout out to the Sherwood Inn) and there was a wine shop right next door: White Birch Vineyard. We grabbed a couple of bottles and spent the next two days just enjoying each other’s company. This is all a long-winded way of saying that during isolation, my wife and I ordered a few cases of White Birch Vineyard's 2015 Dry Riesling to reminisce about the last time we were shuttered in, but this time with enough wine to make it much longer than two days."

— Sean Flynn, Deputy Digital Editor

Limerick Lane Cellars

"I’ve recently been introduced to California’s Limerick Lane, a 30-acre estate located in the northeast corner of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. This part of the winemaking world is normally known for its pinot noir but this estate’s flagship is an earthy and delicious zinfandel. In case you need an excuse to get a bottle they’re currently donating 50% of sales to charity."

— Tal Dekel-Daks, Audience Engagement Editor

Domaine Laroche

"The wine and vintage I’ve been lucky enough to be enjoying lately is the Domaine Laroche Chablis Les Bouguerots Grand Cru, 2017. It’s a delicious Chardonnay that comes from the valley of the River Serein in Chablis, France. I’m often wary toward Chardonnays, since I’m not the biggest fan of the usually-oaky and butteryness that you commonly taste, but this wine ferments in both oak and steel barrels, giving it the fresh green-apple and floral notes. I especially love drinking it sitting outside enjoying the now-warmer and longer spring days. It’s pairs perfectly with light seafood and chicken dishes or simply as a Friday post-work pour!"

—Alessandra Amodio, Digital Photo Editor


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