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One of the World’s Best Chefs Is Teaming Up With Dalmore Whiskey to Release a Very Special Spirit

All proceeds from the auction will go to the Food for Soul non-profit.


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Massimo Bottura––the chef behind Osteria Francescana, a restaurant that has been within the top five of the World’s Best list since 2010––is making his first foray into the world of spirits. We’re not talking seances; think: whiskey.

Bottura has joined forces with whiskey makers The Dalmore. Together, they have created an exclusive spirit, The Dalmore L’Anima, which was unveiled on February 19. This bottling is special mainly because of the casks the spirit was distilled in. The Gonzalez Byass casks used to house this collaborative efforts were previously used to hold a 40-year-old Pedro Ximenez oloroso sherry, as well as Graham’s Vintage Port Pipes. The essence that lives within the wooden structure of these casks contributes to the totally unique taste of the Dalmore L’Anima (which translates to the “soul” in Italian, in case you were curious).

Creating the profile for this whiskey was a true team effort. Richard Paterson, Master Distiller at The Dalmore, started with a whiskey that beautifully reflects the chocolate orange profile that has made The Dalmore famous and layered it with flavors inspired by Bottura’s kitchen and its dedication to local produce. According to the release, in the finished product, you’ll get “hints of sun-kissed raisins, bitter chocolate and old English marmalade; to taste, hints of freshly brewed Java coffee, Demerara sugar, pecan pie and crème brûlée, while Sanguinello blood oranges linger on the after taste alongside rich treacle and succulent figs.”

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While the whisky is very obviously the star of the show, the crystal decanter––complete with a sterling silver collar, silver stag, and engraving––will be housed in a cabinet made of reclaimed Italian olive wood handcrafted by the Scottish artisan John Galvin. The highest bidder will also get a table for two at Bottura’s restaurant in Modena, Osteria Francescana.

For more information on the whiskey and the upcoming auction, head to The Dalmore website.


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