Cocktails for 2012

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Ring in the New Year with these holiday drink recipes
from top mixologists.

By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, most people
have (almost) had their fill of traditional holiday libations. Spiked cider and
buttered rum, which were met with such excitement in early December, have worn
out their welcome by Boxing Day. New Year’s Eve festivities call for something
different and more glamorous. Champagne never goes out of style, but in the
spirit of meeting a new year with a sense of adventure, we asked nine cocktail
aficionados from all over the U.S. to tell us what they’ll be toasting with at
midnight. From Coppa in Boston, there’s a fresh twist on a Long Island Iced
Tea; from Las Perlas in Los Angeles, a cocktail starring mezcal (an agave
liquor) and gingersnap liqueur; from Maine, a cranberry-vanilla combination to
make you pucker with delight. Herewith, their imaginative—and
delicious—cocktail recipes to shake up your New Year’s Eve.