10 Wines for the Holidays

The best bottles to pair with your Christmas and Thanksgiving menus.

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For all of us who love entertaining, the holiday season is the most exciting part of the year. It’s a time to revisit culinary traditions, swap secret family recipes, and share some exciting new wine discoveries. Though the food might be comfortingly familiar, the holidays offer a unique challenge for wine pairing thanks to the sheer variety of hearty dishes on one table. Finding just the right red for dinner might be the easy route, but prepping the pairings for a feast can puzzle even the most dedicated oenophile. You will want to serve well-crafted, expressive wines worthy of your family and friends: bottles that exude ample personality that shines alongside a plate-full of rich foods, while also being versatile enough to adapt to any unexpected side dishes brought by your guests. This annual hunt for just the right ones can seem overwhelming, but I’ve hunted down a selection of feast-ready wines guaranteed to brighten the festivities. While American-made wines may be the focus in this celebration, these bring together a melting pot of regions, varietals, and styles, all perfect for pairing with foods likely to be a part of your spread. Here, explore my top selections to accompany you from first course to last.