What to Drink Now: Perfect Beers for Summer

Beat the heat by taking on your favorite seasonal pursuits with the perfect craft beer in hand.

© Laura Sant
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For Afternoon Parties: Session IPA

During languorous summer weekends, afternoon parties have a habit of stretching past sunset and deep into the night. Prolonged celebrations demand beers that deliver flavor without deep-sixing sobriety; enter the session IPA, so-called because you can enjoy several in a drinking session without ending up under the table. These on-trend beers typically boast beguiling aromas of ripe citrus or tropical fruit, but have an alcohol load more commonly associated with Bud Light. In short, they’re beers you can drink by the six-pack without getting bored, or too tipsy. Two great options include the melony, peach-noted Go To, from Southern California’s Stone, and New Belgium’s fruity Slow Ride.

Stone Go To IPA: $12 for a six-pack, craftshack.com.
New Belgium Slow Ride: $10 for a six-pack, bevmo.com.