Vinho Verde: The Green Wines of Portugal

Traveling through the lush greenery of Vinho Verde is the best way to understand the region’s nuanced wines. But in case you can’t hop on a plane, we’ve picked six bottles—all perfect for late summer sipping—to taste your way across the landscape.

Courtesy of Wine in Motion
OF 7

2014 Quinta da Soalheiro, 100% Alvarinho, Monçao and Melgaço ($18)

In the north, bordering Spain, is the Minho river. This is Alvarinho territory, Vinho Verde’s most noble grape, better known in some parts of the world as Albariño. The Melgaço and Monçao subregions provide the perfect balance of light and cool climate to ripen the grapes more fully, while its thicker skins withstand the damp weather, creating wines of depth and richness that are countered with bright, searing acidity.

This wine—whose name means "a sunny place"—is bright, fresh, and fruit-forward, likely due to the bright spots of sunlight that grace its vineyards amidst the rainy weather that characterizes the region. It's a beautiful, clean white wine, and a classic expression of the Alvarinho grape: dry with high acidity and layers of flavor. It wraps around the palate with notes of honeydew, wet granite, and a touch of salt, flavors that make it perfect for hot, end-of-summer days.