Wines of Veneto

Bottles to savor from Italy's fertile Veneto region.

Mattia Mionetto
OF 21

The Bisol family’s new Venetian Wine Experience can be enjoyed a number of ways: Leisurely, by chauffeured Mercedes-Benz over the course of a week or more; zipping about from vineyard to vineyard in one day via helicopter; or careening up mountain roads behind the wheel of a convertible. No matter which way you choose to tour the region, and whatever activities you add onto your trip, the one thing you’re going to do an awful lot of is drinking wine. Many kinds will be made by the Bisols, and all will be delicious, with some so esoteric that they’re a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But the capacious cellars of Northern Italy offer a wide range of oenophilic riches. Here is a selection of our favorite wines from throughout Veneto.

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