The Future of Luxury

Christian Seel

Technological advances are improving our experience of the world in every arena from the way we travel to the clothes we wear to the food we eat—not to mention the cars we drive and the ways we travel. Here, we take a look at recent innovations, and speculate on others that may not be so far in the future. 


The Pets of Tomorrow
New frontiers in gene editing hint at the possibility of candy-colored cats, Herculean dogs, and glow-in-the-dark rabbits. Read the article »

A Game-Changing Video Game
This interactive race to find the center of the universe appeals to gamers and non-gamers alike. Read the article »

A New Frontier for Home Cooking
The pros and cons of a WiFi-operated barbecue. Read the article »

Television Reaches New Heights
Forget high-definition. These ultra-high definition televisions have four times as many pixels—and exponentially higher price points to match. See the slideshow » 

10 Devices for a Smarter Home
A tech-savvy home can manage your day-to-day needs, even when you’re on vacation. Boosting your house’s brainpower just got easier. See the slideshow »

The Family Scrapbook, Updated
This little device lets you store over 400,000 photos and play them back on your TV or tablet. Read the article »


Bearable Wearables
The next generation of smart-fashion offerings is certainly an upgrade from Google Glass. See the slideshow »

Fashion's Next Frontier
Wearables are now trending, and London-based Studio XO is leading the charge. Read the article »

The Science of Perfume
Synthetic biologists are revolutionizing the perfume industry thanks to genetically engineered yeast. Read the article »

Shopping with Big Brother
By now, we all expect to be tracked when we shop online. But thanks to new retail technologies, even brick-and-mortar stores are falling prey to the Internet’s watchful eye. Read the article »


Driving the Skies
The dream of flying cars has long been symbolic of a bright and gleaming future. Could two entrepreneurs finally make it a reality? Read the article »

A Technofile's Must-Haves
Eight nifty gadgets that benefit the tech-savvy frequent traveler. See the slideshow »

Cool Cars from the Future
Ten concept cars that toe the line between futuristic and coming-soon. See the slideshow »

Cities of Tomorrow
How today's most creative urban experiments are mapping the way to our future utopias. Read the article »