Top Travel Apps

Courtesy of Postagram

A well-stocked smartphone is nearly as essential as a passport.

Next to a suitcase, the most indispensable travel accessory these days is a smartphone. Whether you embark on a business trip, a weekend getaway or an exotic overseas vacation, phone apps exist to help make virtually every element of the experience far easier and more enjoyable. Travel apps have only been so robust in the last couple of years, but it already seems hard to remember how we managed to get anywhere without them.

In some instances, though, there are almost too many choices available. Dozens of apps exist for getting around, say, Europe, and many others are at the ready to help make a packing list. Want to monitor the status of a flight? You’ll need to select from a host of frustratingly similar apps first. Sifting through everything can feel more onerous that navigating the security maze at LAX.

Finding the right apps shouldn’t add stress to travel, so we identified ten that are intended to aid every stage of a trip. Before departing, Dcovery enables you to put together a personalized travel guide based on what interests you the most at your destination.’s Seat Alerts ensures that you get the seat you want on the way there. Once you arrive, LocalEats can point out the best dining options. And Travel App Box provides information on everything from public transportation to appropriate tipping.

These apps cover practically any travel situation, making your journey safer, smoother and more fun. Just remember not to leave your phone at home.