Smartwatch: The New Watch Technology

Courtesy Pebble Technologies

The Pebble might be the most technologically savvy watch you ever wear.

Smartphones put computers in the palms of our hands. Now, with his Pebble smartwatch, Eric Migicovsky wants to strap them to our wrists. His invention can be customized with apps that track activities like jogging, cycling and golfing. What’s more, the device pairs with any iPhone or Android handset via Bluetooth so that whenever there’s an incoming call, e-mail or text message, it vibrates gently. When Migicovsky, now 25, posted a video about the Pebble to the crowd-funding website Kickstarter this spring, his goal was to raise $100,000 for the project. Just two hours later, he’d reached his target, and within a month, he’d raised $10.26 million, completely selling out his first run of 85,000 watches. Not to worry: He’s now taking preorders on the next batch. $150;