Saint Laurent Releases Turntable That Costs More Than a BMW

Courtesy Saint Laurent Rive Droite

You have to travel to Paris to get it.

French fashion house Saint Laurent is known for creating high-end duds and extravagant accessories. But their latest product might be the most luxurious of all: a turntable with a price tag of $44,000. 

The one-of-a-kind record player is being released under Rive Droite—the brainchild of creative director Anthony Vaccarello—the brand’s subsidiary that produces limited-edition goods. They partnered with Pierre Riffaud, who has been designing turntables for VIPs and music professionals since the 1980s. He is known for crafting equipment that’s both technically advanced and beautifully designed. This offering is no different. 

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The turntable features a stunning hand-carved 100 percent marble base with a manual operation that’s supposed to provide a perfect balance between the arm and record for an incredible listening experience. And although it’s designed like a classic vinyl player, it also features more modern details like Bluetooth capabilities, multi-room WiFi, and an analog amplifier. 

Courtesy Saint Laurent Rive Droite

“The quality of sound, simplicity, and originality is what makes them so prestigious,” Saint Laurent said of the record player maker in a statement. “Riffaud’s turntables are compared to high fashion technology.”

To make the piece even more alluring, it’s only available for purchase in-store at Rive Droite’s Paris location. So, you’ll have to travel to the French capital for the chance to get your hands on one. Once there, be prepared to shell out $44,000 for the musical piece. 

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Of course, this isn’t the only over-the-top product release by the brand. Rive Droite has also sold a $25,925 art book, a pair of Zai Skis for $8,840, gold-wrapped condoms, a $525 marble dog bowl, a $3,540 surfboard with a picture of Kate Moss, and a skateboard covered in gold leaf for $3,025. There’s also more reasonable, yet still limited-editions offerings like shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, and handbags.