One Perfect Thing: Devialet Phantom Gold Wireless Speaker

Courtesy Devialet

This small package is the most powerful wireless speaker money can buy.

The problem with most wireless and tabletop speakers is simple: they’re just not powerful enough to fill a house with song without sacrificing clarity—or even the health of their own components. That all changes with the release of the brand-new Devialet Phantom Gold, a wireless speaker that does loud like no other.

The 4,500 watts of power running through its core make the Phantom—which claims to be the most powerful wireless speaker on the market—capable of turning the needle up to 108 decibels. Up until now, a 90-decibel output has been considered impressive for wireless speakers, and 100 flat-out rare. The punch of this small package (weighing just 25 pounds) is equivalent to speakers 20 times its size—or front-row seats to The Who.

A titanium tweeter (most models use cheaper materials such as aluminum) ensures clearer sound at the high end, while a 14 Hz to 27 kHz frequency range actually extends this speaker’s sound into dog-whistle territory, beyond the capabilities of human hearing. The rounded sci-fi shell, topped off with a 22-karat rose gold finish, contains two bass-beating woofers, and is designed to do anything but disappear into its surroundings: It looks like something a futuristic Indiana Jones might have stolen from a high-design spaceship. And it’s just as tech-savvy, too: with integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplay, and Spotify Connect, you can beam in music to it from just about any device you have handy.

$2,990 with rose gold, on sale July 14, 2016 at

Image Credit: Courtesy Devialet