Little Big Things

© Joel Stans

New tech finds that make life better.

The five things to have in your arsenal now:

1. No matter how remote you go, the two-way SOS capabilities of the Delorme InReach Communicator 
keep civilization a keypad-click away. $379, with monthly plans from $12;

2. Bose’s latest headphones, the QuietComfort 25 (which NFL coaches rely on), boast 
the most refined noise-canceling technology 
to date. Plus, they work even if the battery dies. $300;

3. The Lytro Illum is the first camera to capture 
the light field (all the rays moving in a space), rendering images with more 
depth than traditional 2-D photos. $1,600;

4. The subtly stylish 
DUBS Acoustic Filters (a.k.a. earplugs) use a 
high-tech filtration system to turn down the volume 
by up to 12 decibels without muffling the sound. $25;

5. The Road Warrior Go!con W2, by Japanese company Shiroshita, is 
an all-in-one adapter that works in 150 countries.