None More Black: Leica x Rag & Bone Launch “Stealth Edition” Monochrome Camera

Courtesy Leica

With a sleek, all-black matte design, glow-in-the-dark flourishes, and superior technology, Leica's newest release effortlessly marries style with function.

If Batman had a camera, it would be Leica's M Monochrom (Typ 246) “Stealth Edition.”

Co-designed by Marcus Wainwright, CEO, Founder and Creative Director of the New York-based fashion brand Rag & Bone (and a dedicated Leica photographer), its exterior is all black, matte and with minimal branding to distract from its sleek and sexy design. The camera’s smooth cowhide leather exterior adds a layer of luxurious texture and excellent grip for the photographer or aspiring superhero on the go. With only 125 sets commissioned, each with its own serial number, there’s a heightened air of exclusivity.

The camera, a digital rangefinder with a black-and-white sensor, also comes with an accompanying Summicron-M 35 mm f/2 lens, black fabric carrying strap, and a metal front cap for the lens and a certificate of authenticity; the minimal lettering and accents of the camera glow green in the dark, a useful tool for low-light shooting.

Courtesy Leica

“For me, the Leica M system personifies the pursuit of perfection in an object designed for a singular purpose," Wainwright said. "Inspired by that, I was aiming to try and further refine and perfect the M Monochrom, an almost impossible task, by distilling it to its purest form and highlighting the stealth nature of the camera and lens."

With all the trademark features of the original M Monochrom (Typ 246) and Summicron-M 35 mm f/2 ASPH, the sensor of the Leica M Monochrom shoots in black in white, recording only luminance values to provide unparalleled contrast images. With low susceptibility to image noise, bright viewfinder and rangefinder and ultra-quiet shutter release, the “Stealth Edition” allows users the ability to essentially see in the dark and shoot all-but-unobserved—expanding the creative potential of available-light photography and natural, atmospheric images.

International fashion photographer Landon Nordeman, who shoots only with a 35mm lens, told Departures, “As every photographer knows, the camera is a direct extension of your eye. It is the tool that helps you express yourself.  The simpler the design, the easier the tool is to use, and the better its ability to capture your point of view. As for the glow in the dark accents—that’s a brilliant way to make adjustments quickly when you’re working at night. Quite frankly, I wish I’d thought of it!” $15,750;