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Plan a Pro-Level Bike Tour Yourself With This New Cycling Computer

Pros like Chris Froome and Flora Duffy swear by the technology.


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One of the best ways to see a destination is by bike. It allows you to slow down, take in the scenery and cover more ground than on foot. Not to mention it's the safer way to explore these days. But one of the biggest hassles is navigating, especially in a foreign country. That is until a cycling technology company created a solution.

Hammerhead just released their new Karoo 2 cycling GPS computer that makes planning a bike tour easier than ever. Simply choose your points of interest (think the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre), and the computer will plan a route that's optimal for biking. It works in cities or on dirt paths in the woods, depending on your location of choice.

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Once the route has been generated, you will be given turn-by-turn directions with audio and visual cues to ensure you don't slip off course. But, if that does happen, the technology will automatically reroute you.

Of course, one of the best parts of exploring a new destination is discovering spots along the way. So, the Karoo 2 will also show you cafes, water fountains, bathrooms, campsites, and more along the route. And if you learn about a new attraction on the way, you can simply press the point on the map, and it will navigate you there instantly. Plus, all of this is displayed on full-color, global maps with elevation and roadway differentiation.

To top it off, since all of your navigation needs are built into the compact computer, you can save the battery and data on your phone: something beneficial when out for the day in a foreign location. And for safety, you can share your live location with loved ones via text or email so they can follow you.

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The inspiration for creating the Karoo 2 came after Hammerhead CEO Pieter Morgan faced navigation challenges while riding his bike across the country.

"I first recognized the need for better cycling mapping technology when I was riding across the United States," he told Departures. "I spent 63 consecutive days on the bike trying to navigate with other cycling computers. The frustration of this experience is what initially drove the vision for Hammerhead, and ultimately the Karoo 2, a generational leap in cycling computer technology."

Ultimately, he added, "The Karoo 2's stunning screen and detailed maps allow cyclists to chart their own journey, or follow in someone else's footsteps while being able to focus more on where they are and less on where they are going."

The Karoo 2 has already been named the best cycling computer beating out giants like Garmin and is a favorite of pros like four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome and Olympic favorite Flora Duffy.


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