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These Tech Products Will Make Working From Home Way Easier

It’s time for a tech upgrade to your home office.


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Whether your work-from-home setup is permanent or temporary, you know that “commuting” to your workspace in your PJs because it is next to your bedroom has its perks—from not having to share the office with anyone else to taking the occasional long walk (or even a quick nap) on a slow day, being able to do your job from the comfort of your home is a huge plus.

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Of course, it’s not all good news. Not being able to do proper “face time” or socialize with your co-workers could affect your productivity and quality of work. Also for some people, working from home means doing business on their laptop, and lacking a professional tech setup (not to mention specialized software) could be very challenging long-term.

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Fortunately, technology is here to save the day. From an extra-large monitor that allows you to look at multiple documents or browsers at the same time to a dock that lets you easily connect all of your devices to your computer, we rounded up the best tech products to invest in right now that will make your nine-to-five grind from home much easier.

Blue Microphones Pro Streamer Pack with Blue Yeti USB Microphone and Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam

Video calls are vital for work and this microphone/webcam bundle will not only allow you to connect with your co-workers but also deliver a much professional-looking image and sound.

The Logitech cam lets you live-stream Full HD-quality video while the microphone has four pick-up patterns to capture crisp audio even in a larger room. Both items are compatible with Mac and Microsoft computers.

To buy: $230,

Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System

Laptop built-in speakers don’t deliver the best audio experience and when your business communication depends on it—be it for video calls with your boss or clients—a good set of speakers can make all the difference.

This pair of sleek and compact Bose ones will ensure that the sound coming out of your laptop is as detailed and natural as possible.

To buy: $250,

Logitech Ergonomic Keyboard

If your job involves a lot of typing, this wireless keyboard will help you hold your hands in a comfortable position. This, in the long run, can be the difference between having healthy hands or suffering from conditions such as wrist tendonitis.

The ergonomic design of the keyboard that has a curved shape reduces strain on your wrists while the padded rest keeps your forearms elevated.

To buy: $126,

Aamara Equa Smart Water Bottle

It’s easy to forget to keep hydrated when your mind is occupied with work. But if you repeatedly fail to drink enough water, you may start experiencing headaches and fatigue, which, in turn, will make you less productive at your job.

This is exactly why you need this smart water bottle. Elegant looks aside, it will remind you to stay hydrated by glowing when you need to take a sip. Take it one step further and download the Equa app that will allow you to track your daily water intake.

To buy: $102,

Bang&Olufsen Beoplay H8i Headphones

Whether you’re on a video call or simply need to focus on a work task by blocking the sound around you, this pair of sleek headphones are your best bet.

The advanced active noise-canceling technology lets you immerse in whatever you are listening to or simply silence. The acoustic experience is unrivaled while the high-end design is all about long-term comfort. And with a battery that gives you 30 hours of playtime, you can rest assured that the headphones won’t give up on you mid-call.

To buy: $400,

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

A white noise machine may seem like an odd item to have in your office but if you live on a busy street, then you definitely need you.

Annoying background noise can be very disruptive and counter-productive but this best-selling and top-rated machine will easily mask any noise and help you focus on your work. It has a super compact design that won’t take much of your desktop space. It works with an actual fan that produces soothing noise and allows you to adjust both the tone and the volume of it to better match the acoustics of your surroundings.

To buy: $80,

Molekule Air Mini Air Purifier

Air quality could have a serious impact on your work performance. A 2016 study by The University of Syracuse Center of Excellence showed that when indoor air was low on Volatile Organic Compounds (chemicals found and emitted by many household products), workers’ cognitive performance drastically improved.

The Molekule air purifier captures particles through high-efficiency filters destroying air pollutants and leaves behind clean air. It will also rate the air in your office from Good to Very Bad and automatically adjust the air intake fan speed based on that. But best of all, it does all of this quietly so you can focus on your daily tasks.

To buy: $499,

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Be honest, how many times you wished for a massage while you were working in the office? Well, your wishes can become reality with this customer-favorite shiatsu foot massager. Place it under your desk and enjoy a deep kneading massage that stimulates blood flow and muscle recovery.

Its design allows you to use all five modes—rolling massage, compression therapy, sway function, heat therapy, and quiet mode— on your feet, ankles, and calves without disrupting your work.

To buy: $250,

Articture Bird Lamp

Working late is no fun but this beautifully designed desk lamp may turn the experience into a more pleasurable one.

Its base is actually a charging dock that fits two devices and the “branches” of the tree can serve as storage space for your headphones when you’re not using them.

To buy: $199,

Samsung CJ791 Series 34" Curved

This sleek Samsung monitor will not only help you do your job better and quicker thanks to its extra-large size—34 inches to be exact—but it will also give a break to your eyes since it’s curved and offers a more uniform distance from the screen to your eyes.

And those who work with graphics will really appreciate the WQHD resolution that delivers twice the pixels and detail of Full HD resolution.

To buy: $700,

CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Not being able to call IT and have someone physically help you with your computer setup is a huge inconvenience when you’re at home. But this Thunderbolt dock will make your professional life much easier.

It has 15 ports of connectivity that allow you to connect multiple devices such as monitors, speakers, external hard drives to your computer or laptop. It even has an SD card reader.

The best thing about having one of those in your home office is that if you ever need to switch to a different computer, all you have to do is plug the dock into it—and no need to reconnect all of your other devices.

To buy: $250,


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