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Best Gadgets 2012

This year’s great finds for the tech-obsessed.

Flying High


Flying High

Chopard’s Alpine Eagle gives sport watches an unexpected jolt of elegance.

Behind the Wheel


Behind the Wheel

How to put your best foot forward (and give your best “California Chic”) while...

A Curated Kitchen


A Curated Kitchen

Cookware to stir the soul.

Technology just keeps changing. No matter how often you buy the newest phone or computer, there’s always something bigger, better and faster that you hear about just after you’ve purchased your favorite new toy. But the constant development in electronics is also what makes all of the gear so exciting. Innovation and improvement are the cornerstones of each upgraded model, and often times those extra pixels in a high-resolution screen, the extra speed in microchip or the additional memory in a hard drive can make a big difference. The only problem is, trying to keep up with all of the releases and new additions can make anyone’s head spin-especially since it’s hard to know what’s really worth buying, or what’s even worth looking into. That’s why Departures has handled all of that for you.

We’re handpicking, testing and sampling the latest and greatest gadgets out there to keep you in the know. Whether it’s a great new 3D display with special gaming capabilities, or a luxe speaker to pack with you when you’re on the go, or new fitness equipment that can help change your day-to-day bad habits, Departures is scoping out the next big thing to add to your tech-library.

Throughout the year this list will grow with all of our curated suggestions for 2012, from the best smart phones, to all-weather tech, to gaming systems, and more-so check back each month to find out more on our favorite new gadgets and gizmos. —Candice Chan


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